Time & Attendance Tracking

APS provides a time tracking system that allows your employees to track their time worked. With a time tracking system, you can hold your employees accountable and ensure they get paid in accordance with their worked hours.

Tools to Track Time and Attendance

We offer different options for time tracking and data recording- including time clocks and online time portals.
Time tracking on our time clock systems allows employees to clock in and clock out with ease, relieving the need for manual approval and maintenance.
Choose a time clock system that fits your businesses’ needs. From fingerprint scans to employee cards, employees are designated a PIN number to clock in and out for their workday.
Time clocks can be mounted for ease of access.

Ideal for quick and easy implementation. If employee cards are distributed, they can be customized, and key fobs can also be used. If fingerprint scanning is chosen, this prevents “buddy punching” or time theft.

What are the Benefits of Time Clocks?

Employee Satisfaction

Make your employees’ workday easier with a modern time clock. It eliminates the need to manually record hours or use a time punch clock. You will notice a drastic decrease in the chance of errors.

Flexible Work Arrangements

With a modern time clock system, your employees can work on-site or remotely while having access to a timecard system. This system even allows them to manage their schedules by viewing shifts, request time off, or trade shifts with coworkers.

Increased Efficiency with Outsourced Payroll Services

Payroll is a time-consuming task especially when you need to collect employee timecards, decipher payroll data, enter it in, and then cut each paycheck. With payroll automation through our online payroll, you can reduce payroll processing costs by 80%.

Accuracy in the Workplace

When employees track their time with paper time cards, it results in them rounding up or down on hours. Time theft is very common, and other employees will even sign in for their coworkers to make it look like they have arrived on time. A timeclock helps improve overall accountability in the workplace.

APS assists businesses in Boardman, Youngstown, and Canfield, Ohio, as well as Pennsylvania, with their time and attendance tracking needs.
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